Plant a FREE Tree in honor of your pet today!
start plants trees in local parks and national forests to honor pets who have passed.  This is a great way to honor and remember a pet as well as honor our beautiful planet!  One tree will be planted to honor your pet and you will receive a tree certification when the tree is planted.

What kind of pet do you want to honor?

What was your {{answer_aPPTGZKnZ7tQ}}'s name? *

By the way, we are so sorry for your loss.  Our hope is that this memorial tree will provide you with some peace about {{answer_ralfG1U6f6CW}} in the midst of this challenging and emotional time.

When did your pet pass away?

You will receive a confirmation when the tree is planted so we need a little more information.

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Can you share a little bit about {{answer_ralfG1U6f6CW}}; maybe a good memory, fun story or even just some of your favorite things about {{answer_ralfG1U6f6CW}}?

No pressure.  If you prefer not, just scroll past this question.
Would you share your favorite photo of {{answer_ralfG1U6f6CW}}?

No pressure.  If you prefer not, just scroll past this question.  if you have more than one photo to share, please email likes to share pet stories and photos on our website and/or social media.  Would it be ok if we share your pet story and/photo in the future?

Can you think of anyone else who might be interested in a memorial tree for their pet or other living memorial products or services? will send them an email invitation to request a FREE memorial tree.
Do you have any additional thoughts, questions or suggestions for Rooted?

Let's honor some more pets like {{answer_ralfG1U6f6CW}} and plant some more trees.

Please share this FREE memorial tree offer with all your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers today!

Please also visit for more information on other living pet memorial products and services.
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